"7 Building Blocks to a Balanced Life"   AND  "Get Started in Real Estate the Right Way"


                      What if I was to tell you there is a better way?

            I have been down that road and still fall into that trap from time to

time myself, but there is so many more things we can do in this lifetime

to feel like we are making progress and feel fulfilled and happy with our

lives. I totally agree with the experts on having to put in the work and

make sacrifices... but through experience I have learned that there are

other missing pieces that can add more happiness besides just

putting all of your time into a career to make money. You obviously have

to make money to keep shelter over your head, food in your belly, and the

ability to provide for those you care about... but when you push only that

one area of your life so hard, everything else suffers. Even if you have all the money in the world, you will still be left with that feeling that you need more and more and it becomes a never ending cycle. You will always think that if I just do a little more, if I just make a little more, if I just.... I’m here to tell you that unless you are focusing on the other areas of your life also, you will never reach true happiness.


Find time to work on yourself today!

"Build Your Empire"

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Spiritual Well-Being

Physical Fitness

Build Financial Wealth

Fun & Entertainment

         You only have so much time, energy, and resources to allocate toward the different areas of your life, and when you focus on one area too much like your career whether that is a job or a business that produces money... the other areas of your life suffer greatly. Let’s push ourselves to find the right balance in all 7 areas including our mindset, relationships and communication, spiritual well-being, physical fitness, career, fun and entertainment, and building financial wealth; which is the key to freeing your time and doing more in life. If we can find balance in all of these areas, then we will create the best version of ourselves and find true happiness.

How do you value your time?

            In the personal development and motivation space, there is so much hype around being on the grind every day and pushing yourself to the limit to start a business, make money, and buy a lot of stuff you really don’t need. All of the experts talk about having to make more and more sacrifices to get what you want, which is usually results in buying a bigger house, a newer car, taking nicer vacations, and other things that cost you more and more money.... and more importantly your time.

So what are all the building blocks in our lives we should be focusing on?